Timely, reliable payroll is what you will get with Comprehensive Payroll Solutions. Free up time with our personalized payroll preparation and eliminate penalties. We handle the forms, withholding, tax deposits, and deadlines. Preparing payroll in your office is disruptive and risky. Additionally, sick days, vacations, personnel changes and changing governmental regulations can lead to missed deadlines and penalties. Keeping records and checks off site with us keeps your records more secure. We assume liability for meeting all deadlines – so you’re not at risk.

  • Each Client is assigned a specific payroll specialist

  • employee self service

  • payroll computations

  • social security limit tracking

  • 24/7 Account Access

  • our system can Save Time & Money

  • We Will Issue All Paychecks

  • Direct Deposits

  • Cafeteria plan administration

  • workers comp filing



  • Time Clock Integration

  • quarterly tax payments

  • pension plan administration

  • pTO tracking

  • Human resources Assistance


Our Team

Melvin Marshall, Payroll Director. fax: 513-326-7649

Lynn Bradley, Payroll Specialist. fax 513-326-7646

Chandra Hyman, Payroll Specialist. fax 513-326-7647

Debra Cook, Payroll Specialist. fax 513-326-7656

Ginger VonHagen, Payroll Specialist. fax 513-326-7653

Nicki Dinkelacker, Payroll Specialist. fax 513-326-7641